Corporate Training

Over the years Paulus has worked with a range of different organizations, tailor making courses to meet the specific needs of the organisations and individuals within them.

“In today’s multi-media environment being able to deliver your message comfortably to camera or an interview is vital. It takes a lot of practise and the Presenters Platform provides an environment to develop these skills. In the training we look at content and how you deliver your message and how to prepare mentally and physically for your on screen presentations. The training also covers public presentations for pitches, speeches, interviews etc” In the Presenters Platform courses they give you the basis of developing these skills and then private training is provided for specific media engagements or presentations.

From improving the communication skills of sales consultants, researcher presentations using power point, hair stylists and to training Les Mills program directors how to deliver information on their internationally used educational DVDs, Paulus creates corporate training programs that work.

Paulus will also film and edit material for the internet or any other visual medium.

Each organization is so different and Paulus has such a wide range of exercises and experience that, after consulting with your principals, he can identify solutions for your particular team.


What we say is most important as well as how we say it. In the Presenters Platform training we look at content through the courses so you have understanding of timing and working with scripted and non scripted material. Although you always make a decisive decision before speaking even in quick turn around situations. In the course you learn what is effective language and develop a tool box of content that is accessible in pressured situations. We also look at content in detail when creating footage for organisations or individuals promoting their businesses and presenters for screen tests. Before filming or an upcoming speech we have sessions working on content alone before working how we deliver it.

Body Language 

Working full time with Presenters over 10 years the Presenters Platform has developed an acute awareness in shaping people’s body Language when presenting. It is amazing what signals we send out physically and the training gives extensive feedback on effective and non effective use of Body Language.

For instance a business presenter was subconsciously shrugging his shoulders on a regular basis while speaking. This signalled indifference but also showed that he was playing himself down. Gesturing is important as most people are visual so it reinforces auditory dialogue. On Screen gesturing needs to be contained as it can be distracting and come out of frame. A lot of people with theatre backgrounds over gesture which is over explaining. The over use of facial expressions is also over explaining. By filming the participants and giving constructive feedback is vital to see for yourself what messages you are sending out to an audience.

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