Corporate Training: Testimonials


Pie Funds 

“Pie Funds has used Paulus Romijn’s Presenters Platform communications training for the last 4 years and virtually every member of our team has attended the training with positive outcomes. I’d recommend this type of training for any organisation to boost confidence levels and presenting skills for all levels of staff”

Mike Taylor
Pie Funds

Ministry for Primary Industries

“MPI recently contracted Paulus Romijn to deliver 2 x training sessions to people working under the Food Act 2014 on delivering their services via Skype – which, of course, means working effectively on camera.

We provided him with a verbal and then written brief and a number of resources to help him understand the purpose of the training, the task/role of the participants and the environment and audience to which these services would be delivered – along with information on the general nature of the group to which he would be presenting.

Our experience was that Paulus quickly came to grips with what we required, why we wanted it, what we were trying to achieve and who our audience would be. This was impressive as it is a complex concept.

His communication throughout was superb. He provided drafts of what he proposed to cover and the associated documentation. He was receptive to input, changes and no-gos.

He arrived well in advance of the delivery time (as pre-arranged) and he used this time well to settle and get a feel for the group.

His presentation was very well received. He engaged immediately. He had tailored the content and the approach to the audience and where and how they worked – and with whom. They got involved and took risks. Paulus consistently referenced the environment of the participants which provided relevance. They had fun and learned. They were able to integrate what they had learned into their practice.

The fact that, after Paulus’ session, all participants kept referring to the pointers he had given each of them personally and tried putting them into practice indicated his effectiveness. Over the remaining 3 days of the Training and Assessment Centre what we observed in the participants approach was testament to the usefulness, relevance and applicability of the session Paulus provided.”

Chris Hewins
Specialist Advisor (Retail Sale)
Food Regulation Directorate / Regulation and Assurance Branch / New Zealand Food Safety

Peter Churchouse

“I have known Paulus Romijn this year as my professional adviser on Speaking and Communication skills. He was recommended to me by my life coach as one of New Zealand’s top communication and motivation professionals.

I have been in the financial services business for over 40 years and am shortly “retiring”, or as I explain to people moving to my “next job”. Over the last few months I have been involved in a number of presentations and a planning weekend where I have presented on my experiences, reflections and the future. In doing this I wanted to give some impact to the audience about my long career and the benefit of experience.

Paulus has advised me on this and has been an excellent adviser. He has wide knowledge of communication and his advice has been invaluable. His direction on the preparation of material, the structure of the material and the actual presentation has worked well. He works alongside you and allows your natural ability to blend with a new confidence to project an impact outcome. He is easy to work with, has an appealing personality and pushes you gently forward. Further he is able to focus on your natural talent and avoid the error of trying to force a communication process that is unnatural.

Paulus has wide experience across a number of sectors of the economy and society.

I have no hesitation in recommending Paulus to you.”

Peter Churchouse
Investment Adviser
Authorised Financial Adviser / NZX Adviser

Student Horizons 

“We are delighted to partner with Presenters Platform. Paulus provides exceptional training in the area of presentation skills and a good number of our team have grown in confidence as a result of Paulus’s training at Presenters Platform. I would highly recommend Presenters Platform to other small businesses who are looking in particular to

to develop and grow their sales people’s presentation skill set”

Jamie Wansey
Managing Director

Pure Results Coaching 

“I highly recommend the Presenters Platform for all those who are serious about expanding their level of expertise and comfort zone working in front of the camera.

What an amazing transformation to experience from the first morning with us all feeling nervous ‘looking down the barrel’ of the camera to the end of the workshop feeling confident and thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Paulus brings his wealth of experience and professionalism to deliver a hands on comprehensive workshop that covers interviewing, presenting, confidence and much more. The workshop was challenging, supportive and very enjoyable with lots of laughter throughout.

As a professional coach, I gained a huge amount from the course and look forward to working with Paulus again in the future.”

Kelly Samson
Lead Coach / Director
Pure Results Coaching

Les Mills International

 Les Mills International 

Paulus has been working with Les Mills International since 2006. From an initial one-day presenting workshop with an LMI team of 18, Paulus has developed an on-going training relationship that now includes coaching the LMI program directors on their delivery for their world-wide educational DVDs.

In early 2008 Paulus took workshops on presenting for the Les Mills Global Conference with teams from around the world including representatives from Germany, France, Portugal, Britain, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

“Paulus Romijn has been working with the team at Les Mills International since 2006. His effect has been profound working with the Program Directors at LMI with their delivery to camera. The team member’s confidence and skills to camera have grown to a level that is professional and genuine. In 2008 Paulus facilitated sessions on Presenting with a range of International Trainers as part of our Global Summit. Their feedback was that Paulus’s work helped in reigniting their passion for their work and providing a cohesive effect for their teams. Paulus also gave input into my Body Balance workshops on connection with great ideas and exercises.”

Jackie Mills

Program Director for Body Balance (Les Mills International Ltd)

Fine tune your skills 


“Whether you want to get that plum part at your next audition, or fine tune your skills so you wipe the floor with your rivals at that new business pitch or you want to give the best business presentation of your life at the next company conference, I can’t recommend Paulus and the Presenters’ Platform course highly enough. I’ve been in PR and communications for over 30 years and been providing media training almost as long, but still learned a barrel-load of invaluable advice and new techniques from taking part in this superb offering. Do it if you can. We also used Paulus as part of our media training service to our PR clients and he made the whole experience great fun but highly effective for us and them.”

Peter Boyes
APR Strategic Communications Counsel



“I attended the presenting stage 1 course with the intention of learning how to present on video. We wanted to use video blogs and training on our business website.

I was way outside my comfort zone. My first thought every session was I can’t do this, but with encouragement from Paulus and the rest of the group you learn that you can get over the fear of the camera and seeing yourself onscreen to really looking forward to and enjoying the challenge and experience.

But the course is so much more than just learning about being on camera and the technical aspects of presenting. It’s also about teamwork, communication, listening and many other personal development skills that enrich not only presenting skills but other areas of life and business as well.

The added bonus for our business has been working with Paulus to create the video training. His creative input has been invaluable as well as his skills as director, cameraman and editor.

With his help we have achieved a higher standard of content and production than we could have done on our own. The feedback we have had on the finished product has been very positive.

It has been an amazing and fun journey so far. Being able to take what I have learned from the course and applying it to our business, with the assistance of Paulus has been a good business decision.”

Lynda Moore

Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand 

“Paulus Romijn’s presenters’ course has proved to be invaluable to me in my role as Communications Manager at the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand.

As a regular media spokesperson for the organisation, the skills I learned in both stage one and stage two provided me with much more than basic media training.

Each eight week block allowed me to build confidence working to camera and for me that was a highlight of the course. I was able to carry that confidence and new skills that I developed into my work with the media – not just television, but print and radio too.

Paulus has a natural ability to make people feel comfortable which was evident as each member of the group gained in confidence and skill week by week.

Most importantly, Paulus made the course fun. Although the exercises we completed were challenging, Paulus’s unique teaching style and personality always ensured there was a sense of fun to everything we did.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Presenters’ Platform to anybody who works with the media, or has to make presentations as part of their role. Whether it be presenting to a group, working with the media, or talking at a meeting, the skills I have developed, both personally and professionally, have greatly enhanced my confidence and my ability to present well in any situation.”

Andrée Froude

Communications Manager Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand

NZ Transport Agency 

“As a communications manager it is my job to know how to deliver a message to an audience in the right way. So I signed on to do Presenters Platform Level  1 as a way to improve my skills and to understand more about that side of the camera.

Presenters Platform has enabled me to take that even further and to understand exactly what it takes to present well, connect with an audience and to deliver with confidence. I was hooked from week 1 and now, at level 2 and 16 weeks later, I’m still going strong!

Paulus challenges you in all the right ways in an incredibly supportive environment where you’re surrounded by people who are truly invested in your learning and improving. Week after week you’ll learn different techniques that are invaluable for anyone who wants a career in the industry – an industry where Paulus is both highly regarded and highly experienced.

But this course has also taught me just as much about myself as it has about the ins and outs of presenting in the television industry. Therefore, I would also highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to boost their confidence, understand their point of difference or who just wants to get out of the house on a Monday night and surround themselves with creative and like-minded people.

I have had an absolute ball with this course, I’ve made friends for life, I’ve improved my skills as a communicator and I am so much more self aware than I ever have been before. All I can say is get out there and do it! Great opportunities don’t often just come to you – you have to get out there and get them. Presenters Platform will push you to where you need to go and you won’t regret one single second of it.”

Victoria Wallace

NZ Transport Agency



Paulus runs Presentation skills training periodically with sales teams from Fonterra.

“I was part of the presenters platform 8 week course and I found Paulus to be a fantastic tutor, I not only learnt a great deal about being a presenter but also learnt a lot about myself, the course was brilliant and I have since used Paulus and his courses to develop my sales team with in Fonterra. The impact Paulus had on my sales team my immediately noticeable, their confidence in presenting to a wider group was amazing. Paulus now plays a major role in the development of Sales personal within Fonterra Brands.”

Sam Allnutt

Sales Manager Fonterra Brands

Stephen Marr Hair Stylists

 Stephen Marr Hair Stylists

“Having been recommended Paulus Romijn by several clients and colleagues within the industry, we decided to approach Paulus and see if he could develop a program tailored specifically for our industry. The results have been amazing with incredible feedback from our staff. As a Company, we invest heavily in further education and I would have to say that Paulus’s sessions with our team have been the most successful thing we have done so far.”

Lucy Vincent Marr

Stephen Marr Stylists

Euroasia - Cross Cultural Consulting

 Euroasia – Cross Cultural Consulting 

Kenneth Leong

Paulus works as a consultant with Euroasia New Zealand helping to integrate overseas executives into New Zealand. This type of work is where Paulus’s post-graduate Diploma in International Business combines with his experience in presenting to provide maximal benefit for international companies.

“Presenters Platform is a unique course. Undoubtedly the best interpersonal communications course I have ever done. Paulus is certainly a talented teacher and facilitator. The content covered goes a lot deeper than mere skill development. Sign up if you are looking for a course that will push you outside your comfort zone so that you can be a more effective speaker.”

Kenneth Leong

Director of Euroasia Language Academy and Euroasia Cross Cultural

Sally Anderson

Sally Anderson is one of today’s most dynamic Intuitive Coaches, some liken her to a 21st Century Shaman. A leading inspirational Speaker, & Seminar Leader, Sally has inspired thousands of people from feeling disempowered in their personal & professional lives to experiencing outstanding sustainable results. Her most recent accomplishment is launching in New York at the National Publicity Summit where she landed a book contract with one of the top New York Book Publishers – her book entitled “Freefall – Living Life Beyond The Edge” is due for release in the USA, early 2011.

“Being a ‘connector’ of phenomenal people and services I am always amazed at the level of professionalism, talent, passion and dedication that’s evident by those that truly walk their talk. Paulus Romjin is one of these people. I am embarking on launching my international keynote speaking career and given the high standards of the professional speaking industry it is difficult to come by high caliber mentors who can take you to the next level. I have specifically worked with Paulus on a number of initiatives namely, creating a promotional DVD for the Speaker Bureaus and have seconded his services to mentor me with a number of key presentations. The results – feedback for the top 3 Speaker Bureaus in Auckland stated the level of professionalism/editing of the promo DVD was of the highest standard they had seen and I received two standing ovations at recent keynote events – I will continue to utilise Paulus’s services for it is rare to find such an artist who is not only passionate about his craft, but one who is also dedicated to entering realms that takes one from great to extraordinary. I cannot recommend Paulus’s services highly enough for those of you looking to gaining that x-factor in the marketplace”

Sally Anderson

Karla de Beer

“As someone who speaks to audiences as part of my job, I was relatively confident in public speaking before I met Paulus, but Presenter’s Platform had given me a new lease on life by showing me how I could be making even more of an impact on my listeners by tweaking some old habits.

Throughout all the sessions I’ve done with Paulus, a couple things remain constant: how quickly time flies when you are in a session and the disappointment of finishing a course. Paulus has perfected the balance of giving constructive critique while simultaneously acknowledging your progress. There is no cookie cutter “presenting must-­‐do’s” here, as Paulus treats each individual as unique and works with you to improve the weaknesses you feel need correcting. All Presenter’s Platform courses are filled with laughter and great conversations, nothing is off limits and it is a pleasure to spend a few hours every week in the company of likeminded individuals, there to improve themselves with the guidance of a talented speaker.

Paulus has provided me with ongoing advice and support since doing the five week Presenter’s Platform course, and is always willing to give feedback on various projects I’m working on; whether pageants I’ve competed in, at home and overseas, work challenges or general presenting habits. Presenter’s Platform is one of the most far reaching, beneficial things I’ve done, and I would recommend it for all.”

Karla de Beer

Miss World New Zealand 2016
Miss Tourism Queen International 2015 – Oceanias
Miss Auckland 2015

“Thank you Paulus for being a great trainer- I’ve learnt some much and had a great time! Your learnings and teachings, have made me feel comfortable with myself.

The camera work was hard, especially seeing myself in front of a camera, but your advice and encouragement helped me overcome that fear. I’m now aware of self-doubting myself and have learnt how to deal with my inner criticism voice and to overcome the fear of speaking.

Thanks for making me feel comfortable and helping bring my little shy voice out!”

Maria-Goretti Sialava’a
Pasifika Liaison – Palliative Services Mary Potter Hospice


Simonne Butler

“Working with Paulus from Presenters Platform for my media training was such a great experience for me. It allowed me to get more comfortable speaking on camera and not feel intimidated. As I am entering the public arena more and more it is imperative that my communication is clear and concise to get my message across and Paulus’s training has been invaluable in helping me do this. I recommend Presenters Platform to anyone who has to get up and speak in public or deal with the media.”

Simonne Butler

“My name is Maria (survivor of domestic abuse. I am an advocate for Women’s Refuge. I have been on Breakfast TV, Good Morning, TV3 News, Radio NZ and have spoken at Parliament. I had never spoken live before. However Paulus gave me the confidence I needed. He helped me feel relaxed in front of cameras. He helped me believe in myself. He helped me understand myself. Overall he helped me succeed in my dream to help others. Paulus is a must for anyone needing confidence in speaking live.

I never thought I would feel comfortable in front of a camera. My first day with Paulus was interesting and fun. I must admit I didn’t like seeing myself on camera to begin with but Paulus made me see that we all have the ability to come alive on screen. By the second day I was able to speak for 20minutes on camera with confidence and strength.

Paulus is also a must for anyone who needs confidence building. Thankyou Paulus for being so understanding, caring and fun to work with.”

Maria (Women’s Refuge)

“I have just completed Paulus’s Romijn’s Presenters Platform course. It was a richly rewarding experience. I started the course with the intention of learning the skills necessary for making online videos and courses for my healing programme. I have delivered many courses over the years, so giving a short bio and even pretending to be someone else was a fun experience. However in the following weeks it came as a complete surprise to me that I was uncomfortable in front of the camera. The camera was a third person that never gave any feedback. I was self-conscious when having to learn and act out scripts. In the following seven weeks the on-screen exercises set by Paulus helped me to get to the core of my discomfort and allowed me to release it.

Paulus’s approach to presenting is subtle but highly effective. He is an excellent teacher. The class were given simple instructions prior to or at the start of each session followed by filming. The exercises are interesting, interactive and very cleverly designed to show the different aspects of the presenter’s art and skill. The strength of Paulus’ approach is that what he teaches and how he teaches gets to the heart of the matter which is how to be you in front of a camera. Paulus teaches the art of authenticity. You can hide behind a professional manner and appear competent on screen, but you become compelling to watch when you let yourself be seen.

With Paulus’s expert guidance each person in my group developed the confidence to show their unique abilities. His guidance was never intrusive we were allowed to unfold into being ourselves on camera. At the end of the course Paulus gave each participant highly insightful feedback.

The Presenters Platform course was highly enjoyable I achieved my intentions for the course and unleashed a creative streak I was pleased to discover. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to become an effective presenter, public speaker or to anyone who wants to go on a spiritual discover of self.”

Lucille Henry Ph.D.
Diamond Healing Ltd

 NZ Radio Training School 

“As radio diversifies from a strictly audio medium – to one that increasingly incorporates visual media, we’ve been calling on the talents of Paulus to mentor our students in how to present to camera.

There are no students staring vacantly down a camera here! Instead, Paulus coaches them in physical expression and effective storytelling, to craft engaging performances to camera.

Student feedback for Paulus’s workshops is always overwhelmingly positive and he is a huge contributor to the success of our students.”

Jono Manks
Programme Manager, NZ Radio Training School, Wellington

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