Feedback notes week 2 of Introductory Course

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free dating sites for single parents uk I really enjoyed last weeks class. I felt a lot more at ease than the previous week and much more comfortable in front of the group. I enjoyed the first infomercial task. I had no problem learning the lines and knew them pretty well when I turned up. After doing the first record with you though and receiving the feedback that I needed to warm it up and use more gestures, I kind of lost it in the second take. I was consciously thinking ‘I need to make a gesture’ and that meant I lost the lines. I think it will take practice and some getting used to, just relaxing in front of the camera and letting the gestures come naturally.

internet I felt much better about my take when I did it with Anne. I think I came across with a lot more energy and confidence, I gestured more etc too which was good. I didn’t find her too distracting either.

site de rencontre mali I found the 5 likes/5 dislikes tasks quite hard. I only got John right and got stuck on the others. It’s not as easy as it sounds!! I had perceptions about the others that I had picked up in class but found it hard to match my instincts to each person.

click here for more The story telling task was fun. I really enjoyed listening to each others stories because everyone had a different presenting style and each story told us a bit more about each person.

rencontre trois rivieres I was impressed I didn’t say too many ‘um’s, ‘ah’s, or ‘like’s when I was talking. It was easier telling one story in the 3 mins (as opposed to last week) because it made it much easier to make the story flow and hang together well. With the stories also, I noticed how so much of each person’s personalities came through e.g. Wendy was so calm, and wise and spoke so beautifully, whereas Colin was a lot more energetic and youthful and excitable. Story chocie was interesting too, as the older women in the class chose life lessons, while us younger girls all chose something a bit lighter and more humorous.

rencontre au bout du monde werner herzog The final observations task was good because it made you realise all the things you had subconsciously made perceptions about regarding the room. Seems everyone thought it was a welcoming environment – which is great! It’s hard to make criticisms and I think we all found it hard to say something we didn’t like. I’m a bit nervous about class tonight and having to get up in front of a group of strangers as ‘the new one’, but that’s okay – as long as I am prepared with the script then that makes a good start. Will be interesting to see how I go with just being given a topic of conversation and then having to go do it – i.e. minimal prep. Eek!

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