Feedback from week one Introductory Course

By on in

I have wanted to attend some kind of public speaking course for a while and was contemplating joining Toastmasters again. I have had the experience with Toastmasters previously, and wasn’t a big fan as I found it very old fashion and out of date. I had a quick search on Google and came across Presenters Platform. I read through what it was all about and I got all excited, this is what I want to do and it will definitely challenge me.

After last night I was very excited as it was exactly what I wanted: small group, individual focus, relaxed and easy going atmosphere. Perfect! Yes I have to look at myself on screen; yes I was a bit shocked on how I came across. But you know what, it is me and who I am. I can’t be bothered with my looks, I want to improve my ability to speak and inspire people. So that will be my focus in the next 7 weeks. Thank you Paulus for making us feel so relaxed and at ease, thank you for your openness and willingness to share your experience and your stories. Thank you for allowing the participants to get to know each other with the exercises that you used.

I am feeling energised and excited about the next few weeks, what I really loved about last night was to hear myself speak – my accent is NOT that bad! Yay, in my head it sounds 10 times worse. What a pleasant surprise!

Thank you Paulus and see you next week!!