Great feedback from Lucille of Diamond Healing

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“I have just completed Paulus’s Romijn’s Presenters Platform course. It was a richly rewarding experience. I started the course with the intention of learning the skills necessary for making online videos and courses for my healing programme. I have delivered many courses over the years, so giving a short bio and even pretending to be someone else was a fun experience. However in the following weeks it came as a complete surprise to me that I was uncomfortable in front of the camera. The camera was a third person that never gave any feedback. I was self-conscious when having to learn and act out scripts. In the following seven weeks the on-screen exercises set by Paulus helped me to get to the core of my discomfort and allowed me to release it.

Paulus’s approach to presenting is subtle but highly effective. He is an excellent teacher. The class were given simple instructions prior to or at the start of each session followed by filming. The exercises are interesting, interactive and very cleverly designed to show the different aspects of the presenter’s art and skill. The strength of Paulus’ approach is that what he teaches and how he teaches gets to the heart of the matter which is how to be you in front of a camera. Paulus teaches the art of authenticity. You can hide behind a professional manner and appear competent on screen, but you become compelling to watch when you let yourself be seen.

With Paulus’s expert guidance each person in my group developed the confidence to show their unique abilities. His guidance was never intrusive we were allowed to unfold into being ourselves on camera. At the end of the course Paulus gave each participant highly insightful feedback.

The Presenters Platform course was highly enjoyable I achieved my intentions for the course and unleashed a creative streak I was pleased to discover. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to become an effective presenter, public speaker or to anyone who wants to go on a spiritual discover of self.”

Lucille Henry Ph.D.
Diamond Healing Ltd