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Knowing that public speaking is one of our greatest fears, Paulus asks “why don’t we spend more time overcoming and understanding that fear by learning to present ourselves with confidence?”

Using his own experience as a coach, presenter and actor, plus his post-graduate Diploma in International Business, Paulus has developed a range of exercises to do just that – to give people a set of tools to approach TV presenting and Corporate Presentations in a professional manner.

Working with small groups over time, Paulus develops trust within the group so that students and colleagues can work on their weaknesses, hone their strengths and feel more comfortable on camera and see camera as an opportunity rather than a threat, or with clients, whether in front of individuals or large groups.

Presenters’ Platform Workshops

Presenters’ Platform Courses 

We work with small groups or private one on one clients  to ensure each person gets a lot of individual attention and has the opportunity to explore their creativity, discover their point of difference and enrich their ability to present in front of others or camera.

Paulus can develop courses with individuals or groups to meet their specific needs. Develop organisations presenting skills, presenting to camera and Media Training can be arranged for an individual or a group.

Clients presentations throughout courses can be filmed for review. Watching yourself on screen is daunting for most people, but by observing yourself on a regular basis you become more objective about what you are doing rather than worrying about how you look. By using your newly acquired skills to improve your performance, watching yourself becomes a tool for improving your communication skills when presenting as well as practicing for your next audition.

You are your own best critic but the positive reinforcement of the small-group setting works on many levels to improve self-awareness when presenting in any environment.

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