Presenting to Camera

In today’s multi media society there are so many mediums where people can deliver their message to camera that presenters need to be aware of how to use the various scenarios to their advantage.

Television Presenting

Paulus observed that most TV presenters learned by doing and did not have a place where they could practice before being on set. This meant that people with potential but who lacked confidence may not have succeeded at initial auditions.

The Presenters’ Platform was created to meet the need for training people curious about presenting and to continue to educate up-and-coming presenters who would profit from a course where they could learn to deliver more proficiently to camera and add depth to their delivery. Being in control at an audition or in a job as a presenter-to-camera involves being aware of a multitude of factors that are covered in Paulus’s courses.

Delivering to camera can be more daunting than delivering to an audience because you do not get any immediate feedback. Paulus teaches techniques to deal with this! Paulus gives new and experienced TV presenters opportunities to hone their skills while they develop a rapport amongst fellow presenters.

Introductory Presenters’ Platform Course

Course content

Camera technique, voice work, dual presenting, script preparation, writing material, audition and screen test pratcise, industry background and insights, personalising material, timing, interviewing, developing your point of difference, production, effective listening etc

The Presenters Platform has King’s Speech approach to coaching. We take our time and the more time you practise and see yourself the more easily you transition without apprehension in a live situation. A key learning is the amount of practise it requires to develop your speaking skills and being open to constructive and objective feedback.

In Screen Tests for TV they can get the presenters to do all sorts of presenting to camera. Allocated Scripts, write your own scripts, dual presenting, comprehending information in a short time and creating a presentation, interviewing etc. The course helps you how to create self tapes for auditions and job interviews. How to introduce yourself with conviction and making a strong impression rather than being predictable and cliched.

If you require more training on going training can be provided in groups or individually after doing the initial 2 session course or private training


On an hourly fee basis, Paulus also gives private lessons before auditions and creates demo DVDs for students who are applying as presenters for particular shows.

Paulus has worked on the following TV shows coaching Presenters on Set.

Disney Studio (Sydney), Dancing with the Stars, Squirt, Studio 2, Mika Show as Mika’s personal coach, Mai Time, Rural Delivery, Good Morning Advertorial, Saturday Disney, Brand Developments Infomercials, Health Zone, Kiwi Fruit, Performance Cars, Wannabes, ASB Market Review on TV3 news, Cool Kids Cooking, I am TV, The Apprentice (NZ), The Contender, Air New Zealand TVC, Progressive TVCs, and judged Miss India NZ 2010 and Miss World 2012.

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