Media Training: Testimonials

Nadia Lim

“I first joined Presenters Platform to improve on my presentation skills for facilitating nutrition courses, however I soon found myself enjoying the camera and it turned into improving my TV presentation skills too! Paulus not only gives you confidence in front of the camera, but in yourself. This helped motivate me to enter MasterChef – if you think you’ve got it, go out and get it!

Because of Paulus’ course I am now a much better public speaker and actually enjoy the media side of things (whereas before I would have run a mile away from anything to do with a camera!). I hold Paulus in the highest regard, both professionally and as a great friend. He has provided a wealth of knowledge, encouragement, support and friendship which has been invaluable to me.

I would highly recommend his courses to anyone with aspirations to present on TV or to become a more effective communicator”

Nadia Lim

Winner MasterChef 2011

Registered Dietitian

Shannon Ryan

“I was 18 when I met Paulus and did Presenters Platform Level 1. And right from the start Paulus not only gave me the right platform to develop but he gave me the encouragement and most of all, the time.

The best thing about the Presenters Platform is that you’re surrounded by like minded people which proves as a great support when you’re looking from the outside, in to this industry. You start to feel more a part of it, and in turn, you become a part of it.

Paulus is now a great friend and I have the highest respect for him. The Presenters Platform allows you to develop and be honest with yourself and your aspirations. If you want to practise within a group that will truly and honestly give you an insight into the industry you have set goals to work in, I can 100% put my support behind the Presenters Platform.

If it’s just a bit of confidence and self awareness that you want- then by lord you’re going to get it!

I’ve met some wonderful people since my first course, and now I’m actually living it. If you want something, tell people, and prepare to work your behind off- do whatever it takes while remaining true to your morals and beliefs- it WILL pay off!”

Shannon Ryan


Glen Moss

“As a professional athlete with interests in pursing a career in the media, I found presenters platform to be the ideal form of education to achieve my goals. I found Paulus professional, experienced and understanding of what I wanted to achieve from the course. I would not only recommend him to other professional athletes looking to improve their media skills but to anyone who would like to become more comfortable in front of the camera”

Glen Moss

Newcastle Jets and New Zealand National Team Goalkeeper

“My entire life I have always had a lot to say, but perhaps never had the right skills to express myself exactly how I wanted to. As a professional athlete I am representing myself and my image throughout everyday life, interviews and meetings. I have been learning along the way, but I was looking for some help to take my interviews, hosting and confidence to the next level.

I found Presenters Platform and completed a workshop with Paulus Romijn. His workshop covered so much of what I wanted to work on in such a short time frame. I discovered what I excelled at as well as found elements I needed to improve and learnt how to improve them.

If you want to improve your skills as a speaker and gain confidence in front of a camera or group than Presenters Platform is the place to do it.”

Anna Willcox

Professional Olympic Skier

Gigi Edgley

“Paulus Romijn and Sally Spencer-Harris were beyond wonderful. At a moments notice they organised everything for a successful presenting audition for the Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge Presenter role based in the USA while i was in New Zealand. Paulus worked tirelessly filming, directing and editing my audition to achieve the exact outcome that I asked them for. I highly recommend and by the way I got the job.

Gigi Edgley

Australian Presenter/Actor

Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge Presenter

Rebecca Richards

“Presenters Platform is one course which I can fully recommend if you’re committed to developing your confidence and presenting skills in a manner in which personal growth is also achieved. Professional coaching combined with interaction with peers means you come away from weekly class feeling motivated and inspired with a renewed commitment to your goal. Paulus takes a genuine interest in you as an individual and provides ongoing support and encouragement on a one on one basis helping you to source and create opportunities. I took all 3 stages plus extra time utilizing Paulus’s ability to film and direct demos for me that got me work.

I have also secured another ongoing presenting job here in Dubai thanks to the youtube site you made me, so definitely let your students know that its a useful tool and may just get you noticed! I applied for a job which I saw advertised just calling for presenters in general for a health and fitness channel. I sent my resume, photos, and the link to my youtube – not really thinking much would come of it. Well, they called me that day, by that afternoon I was in their office for a meeting (and everyone, including the managing director had watched my youtube demos) and two days later I was screen testing. After the test they decided they wanted to work with me so I now do the Health, Fitness and Lifestyle News twice a week on their channel

They also gave me the opportunity to pitch my own show, which I did, and its under consideration. So thank you for the time you spent making those demos with me – they worked!”

Rebecca Richards

Physique TV, Dubai

Jacqueline Taylor

2013 was the year I chose to step up a level with my TV experience. For six or so years I had featured in several TV commercials, but I wanted to do more than that and had aspirations to work in commercials whereby I would have a speaking role. I signed up for Stage One of The Presenters Platform with that objective in mind.

I had no idea the impact The Presenters Platform would have on my life. I completed all three stages of The Presenters Platform during 2013 and continue to attend the Master class sessions every month.

During my attendance of all Presenters Platform stages, I was presented with a range of challenging tasks to complete. As my year of study progressed I displayed a huge improvement in confidence and delivery to camera. From being nervous, self-conscious and particularly quiet on the first day of stage one, I have now come to find such pleasure and self-assurance in on-screen presenting and credit that to Paulus’ unique teaching techniques. With a great emphasis on self-discovery, goal setting and detailed guidance through tasks, Paulus has been able to empower me with a love for presenting and has assisted me in broadening my aspirations in the industry.

I have now successfully obtained television-presenting roles and again thank Paulus for his continued support. Before auditions, I find it useful to practise with Paulus so I can be the best I can be with the help of his guidance. Paulus genuinely cares for the success of his students and puts a lot of time and effort into supporting them, something I am hugely grateful for.

Although I sought The Presenters Platform for TV work purposes, the course has provided me with so much more than just an ability to present confidently to camera. I have been on a journey of self-discovery and in turn, have gained a high level of self-acceptance, am able to recognise my personal strengths and can confidently set future goals.

The Presenters Platform is well-planned, superbly taught and great fun. I look forward to continuing to grow my career in TV presenting and know Paulus will be alongside me on this journey.

Jacqueline Taylor

Rebecca McFadzien

“Presenters platform has added so much colour and volume to my life, both as an actor and as a person! My expectations of the course were exceeded beyond measure in the most magical, organic and hilarious of ways every week. One class into Level 1 and I had realized that Paulus’ abundant supply of encouragement, challenge and industry knowledge had led me to discover a lifelong love of presenting.

In addition, being a part of the Presenter’s Platform professional network had been an amazing resource as I have made the transition from New Zealand to Los Angeles. Many of those who have trained with Paulus are now working internationally, and their generosity of both insight and experience have led me to also be able to establish myself within the American market.

I intend to present professionally alongside my acting career for the rest of my life, and it’s all thanks to my fabulous start at Presenters platform!”

Rebecca McFadzien


Sarah Cowley

“The Presenters Platform offers a unique and professional environment in order to give you an edge in developing your presenting skills to camera. Paulus has created a course which is hands on and practical. I had high expectations after the recommendations I received about the course and these were exceeded. I have learnt fundamental presenting skills which I am confident will help me pursue my presenting goals.

As a sportswoman I enjoyed Paulus’s philosophy about commitment and dedication to your work. I also enjoyed the cross over in terms of presenting and sport. The parallels between being able to deliver under pressure and under lights are clear. Paulus trains your toolbox to be able to take your presenting skills to the next level. He gives immediate and constructive feedback with the advancement of your learning his priority.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to other athletes or to someone who is looking for increased confidence in public speaking.”

Sarah Cowley

NZ Olympian

Karen Teague

“I was recommended to train with Paulus as I wanted to improve my direct to camera presenting having worked in live and pre-recorded television and public speaking.  I attended the advanced presenters course at Presenter’s Platform.

I found the feedback and excellent advice given by Paulus to be second to none. The instant feedback is paramount to successful learning. I found the practice in preparing a variety of scripts each week and being able to deliver these to camera, watch it back and have that instant feedback outstanding.

Paulus, being a professional in this field not only gave excellent critique but his method of teaching insured everyone grew in confidence and ability.  Not only was the course outstanding, but the on-going support and advice is incredible.  I still today run past Paulus any presenting work I do and jobs I am now offered for his opinion and feedback and this he always gives immediately and without reservation.

I thoroughly recommend anyone either looking at getting in to the industry of public speaking and /or presenting or anyone currently working in that industry to give Paulus a call and book in with one of his courses. Not only did I learn volumes and improve my direct to camera and interviewing skills but I made some very good friends, a great friend out of Paulus and have a lot of hilarious memories from my course.”

Karen Teague

Yes Channel Presenter, Presenter at Country TV and Director of Brookby Heights International


You Tube

Collette Lochore

“I have completed stages 1 – 3 of Presenters Platform and I can say without a doubt it has been one of the most beneficial things I have done, personally and for success in the industry. I recommend the courses for everyone and all walks of life. Paulus creates an environment that is challenging, positive and a lot of fun! Whether you just want to be more confident and self-aware or you have dreams of becoming a presenter, Paulus accommodates your needs and works to bring out your full potential. Each night after class you go home feeling liberated and focused – ready for next week.

As Miss World New Zealand 2012 I can confidently say that Paulus and his courses were a key role in my success. He gave me the confidence and the skills to speak convincingly, articulating thoughts and stating a point of difference – rather than stating the obvious. He encourages you to think deeper, often intertwining essential life skills that I am forever grateful for.”

Collette Lochore

Miss World NZ 2012

Gerard Seth

“I started off the Presenter’s Platform as a 16 year old boy with a dream, burning ambition and potential. Under Paulus’ tutelage, I gained a renewed confidence and the tools I needed to become what I had strived to become – a TV Presenter.

The Presenter’s Platform equips you with the fundamentals of what it means to be a presenter. It helped me gain a sense of confidence, drive and identity of what I wanted to become. Running through actual scripts, conducting street interviews and interviews with guests are all elements of the course that will help shape you as a presenter.

Choosing to do the Presenter’s Platform is by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I hold Paulus’ knowledge and the Presenter’s Platform with the utmost regard, and highly recommend any aspiring presenters to give it a go.”

Gerard Seth

“Sticky TV”

Alia Simpson

“As a wife and mother,life coach and social entrepreneur I thought I was taking the Presenters Platform to increase my skill set….and ended up taking it to another level! The awareness I gained through Paulus’s intensely rewarding process enabled me to audition for numerous TVC’s and land my first central TV Presenting role just 2 weeks after completing the course. Without Paulus and his guidance I wouldn’t currently be incorporating what I love to do in life-on camera, awesome… just awesome.”

Alia Simpson

TV Presenter Family Feud

Sam Kelway

“The presenters platform, is a real life environment that tests, develops and nurtures your independent growth as a presenter.

Paulus tests the boundaries in a professional sense, which not only helps you but also provides a real context into what presenting can be like.

I would thoroughly encourage you all to sign up, for an entertaining fresh and challenging slant on presenting.”

Sam Kelway

TVNZ Reporter

Pick me MTV winner 2010

Jessica Fong

“I have completed levels one and two of the Presenters Platform course, and I would highly recommend it to anyone else in the performing arts scene. As a performing artist myself, I gained a lot of confidence in front of the camera, not just as an actress, but as myself. Paulus taught me the skills to be more open, to listen more, and be more aware of others when interviewing.

I have now enough knowledge to go and become a professional presenter in my field of work, and I would do the course all over again! His advice, mentoring and ongoing support even after the course is inspiring to keep going in the arts.”

Jessica Fong aka JJ Fong


Spark Presenter

Jahmaine Paki

“At first, I thought being in front of the camera and presenting was going to be ‘easy peasy’, but let me tell you now, it’s not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of practice, but the more time you spend in front of the camera, the more comfortable you’ll get. Presenters Platform really helped me understand all of the little things that helped my performance on camera. After doing just a few courses, Paulus worked with me before I had a Presenting audition and it helped me to get a Full-time job Presenting at Sticky TV. You cannot get enough practice being on camera, because even when I started, I still needed to improve my performance.

Paulus knows his stuff and I would recommend anyone wanting to be on camera to take his courses and learn as much as you can.”

Jahmaine Paki

Amy Schaeffer

“I have been lucky enough to have received Paulus’ tutoring and mentorship. His workshops and encouragement led me to put myself forward for presenting opportunities and get them! The courses equipped me with a wide range of skills and experience needed for me to exchange my previous career with this one.
It was not just on a professional level that Paulus was helpful, but some encouragement in personal growth was included in the package. Paulus has a unique personal connection with people, and he recognises that personal vulnerability is a key to successful presenting. I do consider Paulus was instrumental in my current role as a lead presenter on a DIY show that is now currently in it’s third season. I would not hesitate to recommend his courses or his personal training to anyone who would like to improve their speaking and presenting skills.”

Amy Schaeffer


Tracey Collins

“Paulus’s Presenter Platform Courses are awesome! I have done two courses and I walked away having developed confidence with and without the camera.

The skills you learn from his courses are invaluable and I would recommend to anyone trying to get into the industry. A few months after completing his course I picked up a 4 month presenter role for the Yellow Treehouse Campaign with Yellow Pages.

His courses are not only informative and challenging they are fun and you meet some really people whom are still my friends today.”

Tracey Collins

Candy Lane

“My time spent training with Paulus gave me the base I needed to perform my job as co-host on “Dancing with the Stars”. The training experience was new, scary and emotional but also enlightening. I shall be back to learn more because knowledge of your craft is a valuable tool.”

Candy Lane

International Dance Adjudicator


Dance Teacher

TV Presenter

Aaron Fleming

“Before starting the Presenters Platform courses I already thought that I was a good presenter having done a lot of public speaking over the previous 4 years. However the course blew me away. Not only did I expand my toolbox of skills, but I finished the courses being more confident – not just with presenting but with life in general. The courses gave me an X factor, and I’m so pleased I made the decision to enrol.

Paulus is not only an excellent tutor, but he also has years of presenting experience which becomes obvious as you progress through the courses. He is honest and critical, but in the good way which enables you to improve from week to week. And by the end of a 8 week course you’ll be surprised with the different person that exits. If you are prepared to put some effort into the courses, you will be well rewarded.

Ever since completing the courses I’ve found public speaking an absolute breeze. I’d recommend this course to everyone.”

Aaron Fleming

Motivational Speaker

NZ’s Ambassador for the Beijing Olympics

Author of the book “Purpose”


Amber Peebles

“I have found the course inspirational every week, creatively and challenging yourself in a safe and confident environment. It has been emotionally fulfilling to have something new that pushes you out of your comfort zone, which has a positive affect in work and general everyday life. I have and would recommend this course to friends and colleagues.”

Amber Peebles

Red Bull Chronicles

ProActiv Presenter

Miss World NZ 2003/2004

Asya Sirovnik

“Paulus has become one of our regular guest lecturers, as the main coach for directors, helping them build rapport with actors, elaborate on stories and give “juice” to the projects at hand. He is very popular among students as he helps them expand their vision, narrative imagination, communication skills and in a nutshell; become better at directing actors. The New Zealand Film Academy is richer and more professional with Paulus on board.”

Asya Sirovnik


New Zealand Film Academy

Cheree Kinnear

“When I first met Paulus I was 16, a high school student with the dream of becoming a reporter and TV presenter.

I completed the Presenters Platform course stage one while I was in high school and stage two during university. Both courses provided me with valuable and practical experience alongside professional guidance and advice.

Thanks to the skills Paulus helped me develop and the confidence that came from completing his courses, I managed to land my first full-time reporting job at NZME – fresh of out university.

I currently work as a sports reporter writing for the NZ Herald and presenting across platforms such as NZ Herald Focus.

I would recommend the Presenters Platform course to anyone, even those not interested in TV presenting itself. Paulus taught me such a huge range of skills that went beyond presenting alone. I learned about writing content, building valuable relationships, connecting to an audience and developing self-confidence.

Paulus is more than a course director – he is a mentor, an encourager, a teacher and a friend.”

Cheree Kinnear

NZ Herald Sports Reporter, ANZ Sports Scene and NZ Herald Focus Presenter and NZ Archery Representative.

“I have known Paulus for about 4 years now and have worked with him organizing various TV Presenting classes at my Radio School in Tauranga.

Paulus really knows his stuff and his expertise comes across in his classes. He delivers the material in such a way that is very relatable and engaging for all age groups.

Paulus also draws on his vast experience offering his students practical, real life training and advice that they can then put into practice in the real world.

I’ve found Paulus very easy going and very professional to deal with and have sent dozens of people to him for the best TV Presenting training in the country… I think his record speaks for itself.

I would highly recommend him to anybody.”

Hamish Denton

Managing Director

NZ School of Radio

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